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Apple Mac Keyboard Replacement Trinidad

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MacBook Keyboard

Stuck or broken keys don’t have to be a problem, thanks to our MacBook Pro keyboard replacement service. We’re quick, we’re reliable, and we only fit genuine spare parts


Our MacBook keyboard replacement service is here to get your machine back in full working order, quickly. We stock or have access to all models of Mac keyboard, for both recent and historic MacBooks. And we can do an Apple keyboard repair with or without backlight.

The Lowest Price Around

When we say we offer the best MacBook keyboard replacement cost in Trinidad,, we mean it. We don’t hide extra fees in your bill, and we don’t charge more to cover internal costs we don’t have. You pay for the new keyboard, the new backlight, the work. And that’s it. We only charge you for the spare parts and the work, not the brand. And we charge a fixed price, so you know exactly what you’re paying before you give us your laptop.

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Call us for Your MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Our MacBook keyboard replacement service prolongs the life of your Mac. Don’t spend hundreds or thousands on a new laptop just because the keyboard has stopped working. Call us first.

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